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It might have happened last year, it might have happened five years ago. If you are still struggling and your life is in chaos, you might find working with others helpful​

Bereaved Th​rough Suicide

Each person's grieving is unique​

..You really believe for a while that you are the only one to whom it happened. There is a great desire in the begining to find someone else who has gone through this traumatic experience. It does not seems to matter what state they are in, so long as they are able to tell you that the same thing happened to them...

You become one of the many instead of one along. /anonymous/ 

Therapy group provides a chance to gain insight about ourselves and our own grieving process and to put this learning to work while helping others in the group.

As a group member you have an opportunity to hear how others manage their difficult moments and to consider options that you haven't thought about before.  

A new therapy group is getting set up for those who are bereaved through suicide. It is a time limited weekly therapy group which will start in the second week of January 2023 and will run for 12 weeks. The group is limited to 10 members only.


294-296 Nether Street, Finchley Central, N3 1RJ (between Ahir restaurant and the car wash)


£50 per session (90 minutes) or £550 for 12 sessions paid in full

Day: TBA

Contact Me

Contact me to find our whether you could benefit from being part of the group 


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