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My clients know me for my warmth, understanding and my natural optimism. I connect in a real and authentic way and make my clients feel at ease.

Clients know me for my warmth, natural optimism and deep understanding, 

which they say, comes from the wealth of knowledge and life experience.

I aim to connect in a real and authentic way, which puts both of us at ease and allows us to feel safe enough 

to discuss issues you wanted to talk about for a long time, but never felt you were able to.

Taking the first steps towards engaging in therapy can be a very personal journey. 

Talking about your difficulties can help you to bring clarity to your situation, change your perspective, 

change your feelings about yourself, change your feelings about your life and help you create a desired outcome.

Clients are frequently surprised with how things are changing.

By engaging in the exploration and reflection you might increase your awareness of yourself as well as the environment you operate in.  Your strengths and resources might get mobilised to facilitate your ability to solve problems you might be facing.  Flexibility in my approach allows me to adjust therapy to bring about the best result or the most effective change.   Working together might help you to recognise and draw on your own internal resources and guide you to identify and disentangle your complex problems.  My main role is to assist you on your personal journey by supporting you to find growth strategies.



As an accredited, UKCP registered and BACP registered psychotherapist, a counsellor and a coach, I have extensive professional and personal experiences to help my clients find the answers they search for.  My work with clients is known for a vibrant and relaxed energy, for the clarity of purpose and for the outcomes.

Before I trained as a Psychotherapist and a Coach, I have had years of experience in the business (retail, sales & construction).  As a manager and later as a business owner I was exposed to variety of different business settings, which increased my understanding of human nature in contemporary world.  

Over the years I was involved in numerous counselling projects:

Facilitating support groups (Marie Curie Hospice, London Academy)

Counselling children and Young People (Place2Be, Childline)

Counselling individuals (Mind in Barnet, North London Hospice, Private Practice in Finchley)

Couple’s Therapy (The Counselling Foundation, Private Practice in Finchley)

Supporting Grenfell Fire victims (Hestia)​

Currently, I run my own private practice, where I see individuals and couples, adults and young people; and enjoy contributing regularly to the North London Hospice training schedule on emotional skills.

As a professional, an accredited and registered member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), a registered full member of BACP  (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and CCP (Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy) I am bound by their code of ethics and committed to her continuous professional development. 

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